Let me introduce you to Dragon City. Do you feel the urge to learn how to breed Dragons, if yes, Dragon City is just the game for you. It gives you the chance create over 150 versions of these monsters just for fun. I know what you are about to ask , Why did they call it Dragon City? It sounds like more of a farm than a city. I will be sure to ask the developer that question on your behalf if and when I do meet them.

Brought to you by Spanish Developers, known as Social Point who also doubles as the creator of the successful games such as Social Empires as well as Social Walls, the game gives you a rare glimpse into the world of Dragon farming. Dragon City lets you breed the monsters. It also gives you the chance feed them and to also level them up.This game walks you through the delicate steps entailed in the hatching, and feeding dragons as well as building for them. It initially takes you through a simple tutorial and from here you should repeat these steps in order to pass a number of quests.

Dragon City hack does not really have a storyline that it follows. The only reason you keep playing is, well, to earn money. In the process you will also level up and eventually fill up the "Dragon Book" with all the 159 species of dragon implemented in the game.

Still, Dragon City's does contain some must haves when it comes to social gaming. They include paying visits to your friend’s Dragon Cities, however these feature seems halfway done. The game does not give you an impression that you carrying out chores, it is not really challenging at all. Like how in order to get money you just click on each of the five dragon habitats and money miraculously drops from each. You also get the chance to earn special breeds of dragon through constructing a “Recruitment Tavern” and giving your friends positions there, apart from this there is really little else that happens to spark your attention to the game.

It has a gruesome and annoyingly slow process of gaining a new breed. This is because have to wait a fixed amount of time for the dragons to breed , then have to wait an equally ridiculous amount of time for the eggs to hatch into baby dragons. It is really very easy to just simply decide to ignore Dragon City save for the smaller tasks that you as the player are assigned to perform throughout the game.

All in all Disney Magic Kingdoms hack does have a lot of potential to make a good game even though it lacks in a few areas. With about 650,000 monthly active users as well as 260,000 daily active users , you will not lack play mates.

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